About Me

I am the father of 3 crazy little girls (all currently under the age of two). I currently work as Electrical Officer on an oil tanker that carries oil from the Grand Banks to Newfoundland. I have been tying flies since 1994, but haven’t tied much in the past 10 years, just getting back into it right now. Lets see where this adventure takes me.

I call Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada my home. I havent had much of a chance of exploring the local fishing, but hopefully this summer I will finally get a chance. I’ve worked on quite a few interesting marine / fisheries related jobs in the past. I have conducted river remediation work on the Rennies River in St. John’s (we were fortunate enough to be part of a project that seen the first salmon to enter that river in over 50 years), completed fisheries research (growth study) on Trochus and Grouper in the Philippines on the absolutely stunning island of Palawan, and have flown ROV’s to the bottom of the Grand Banks and seen wolffish, cod, squid and crab in their undisturbed environment.


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