Christmas Fly Wreath

2016 12 25 20 05 23

Have you ever tried a year where you gave away all homemade gifts for Christmas? It is Freeking Stressful, trying to make sure everything is as good as you want it to be. And this was to be that year, of course we didn’t decide that until November, then we had homemade t-shirts to make, a book cabinet to build, fly-tying wine charms to make, cakes and cookies to bake, and this fly tying wreath to make (to name a few). I’ve been toying with the idea of a Christmas fly wreath for a while, but couldn’t see anything on Pinterest that matched my idea’s, I wanted to make a wreath where the red holly berries were actually made up from flies, I actually started to make the flies two years ago, and the half finished hooks stood in a mason Jar on my fly bench for over a year (according to the dates on my Apple Photos). I made this wreath for Mom, I used all Wulff pattern flies as this fly pattern variant used to be dad’s favourite fly (Punchin Wulff).

So first I started with some 20 gauge hardware wire that I picked up at the dollar store, I cut the pieces about 6 inches long, and then bent one end about 1/4 inch at a 90 degree angle, this would give something to tie the wire onto the fly.

2014 11 09 22 01 46

I then tied the 1/4 inch bend onto the base of thread on the hook body, I covered the wire completely as this will prevent the fly from falling off.

2014 11 09 22 08 00

I prepared twenty or thirty of these hooks before I began to tie the flies.

2014 11 09 22 24 32

I tied a bunch of Wulff type dry flies, some with red wings, some with white wings, just some little differences to stand out.

2014 11 09 22 44 37 1

I then picked up some ribbon and a rustic wreath base at Michaels.

2016 12 11 14 51 34

And wrapped the wreath with the ribbon.

2016 12 11 14 42 38

It looked kind of sparse when I was finished so my wife picked up a ball of holly at the dollar store and cut all of the holly leaves free, then used hot glue to attach all the holly to the wreath.

2016 12 23 10 03 42

My wife was all concerned that someone may walk into the wreath and get piked with the hooks, so we found a good use for all the holly berries that were in the holly ball.

2016 12 22 20 49 09

I slid them all on the ends of the hooks to give the wreath some more color (and to prevent some poor soul from stumbling into it while enjoying too many Christmas festivities).

2016 12 22 20 49 21

The stems of the wire were then glued into the wreath and voila, a Christmas fly wreath. 

2016 12 25 20 04 29

2016 12 25 20 04 54


2016 12 25 20 06 06

Let me know what you think of this project. I will make a couple more for next Christmas, so hopefully I remember all the tricks from putting this one together.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.




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