Busy Saturday

These girlies have much more busy schedules than i had as a kid. This morning we went up to the girlies school to help clean up outdoors for the 3 hr challenge. We were only able to stay for an hour because J had a birthday party to go to. Now im at a party (well in parking lot with a coffee waiting, giving j some independence). This afternoon the girls wanna go to our playground and pick up some more garbage (they definately wanna do their part for our community), then we started reading Harry potter (last night was spent trying to find pictures of events from every chapter), and tomorrow is the twins birthday party. These kids have much more on the go than I did at their age……….. but I was happy to hear them making sand cakes in the back yard (21st century mud pies) and hear one of them say “who wants a carpenter smoothie……….. made with real live carpenters”. ………… if you can keep them away from technology, the sound of childhood never changes.



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