Pinterest Project of the week, Lego Table

Ever since we moved into our house I have been after Angela to get a Coffee Table for the Family Room. First we didn’t get one because it was just another corner for the girlies to bonk themselves on. We never did bother getting a table after because the family room was always where makeshift dance parties began or where the girlies would do their Yoga for Kids. But recently Angela decided that she wanted this Lego table that she saw on Pinterest (grrrrrrrrrr Pinterest……. really not that Bad I guess, gives me stuff to do when I’m home). The design she picked out was for Ana Whites Mom’s Lego Table.

Myself and Angela’s dad build it in about a week, piddling around in the workshop. Most of the dimensions / building are straight from Ana’s instructions, except for the trim around the top. Once built the table is VERY sturdy, but it seemed that the topmost trim could be a little wobbly using only finishing nails, and we wanted to secure it a little better to ensure it lasted for years. We wanted to make sure that if the girlies were leaning over the table they would not break the trim. So we doubled up the top trim making an intermediate piece between the top lip to mount securely to the sides to strengthen the trim, this way we could secure the top strip to the table and hide screws, and when it was finished I was able to put my feet up on it without worry about hurting the trim.

Ana’s design was great and the instructions were very easy to follow. I recommend you visit her site for many great ideas.

IMG 20160416 140406

Like a Painter, this is my blank canvas.

IMG 20160418 184204

IMG 20160418 190411

IMG 20160419 101134

IMG 20160419 124220

This table saw is one of the sounds of my childhood, Dad was a cabinet maker so I would spend many days in the basement helping him with which ever project he was working on.

IMG 20160419 124348

IMG 20160419 165704

IMG 20160419 165806

Every project requires a couple of helpers to clean up the sawdust.

IMG 20160419 213250

IMG 20160420 202716

IMG 20160421 145153

IMG 20160421 145302

IMG 20160421 181901

IMG 20160423 112538

IMG 20160423 212459

IMG 20160423 212531

IMG 20160423 212600

IMG 20160423 212636

IMG 20160423 212849

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