The “Wedding Fly”

So I have the best wife in the world. No my blog has not been hacked by her and she is not writing this. I just wanted to put this out there. What other wife would let a passion for tying flies become a part of their wedding. No I do not mean we tied the knot with tinsel and chenille (…….. now thats an idea), but when we were planning the wedding we didn’t want to do the usual favours, we wanted to give our guests something we were passionate about. Angela is quite passionate about cooking and baking, something I didn’t know when we first started dating (as i write this she is making a acoustic guitar cake). Angela made the most delicious Truffles; dark chocolate and rum, milk chocolate and Bailey’s and white chocolate with orange liqueur. She made them before we flew back to Newfoundland from Toronto for the wedding, and making truffles was probably the last thing on her mind at the time since she was having the worst morning sickness (and we hadn’t told anyone yet that we were having a baby, surprise for the wedding).

The truffles were put in gold boxes and wrapped in ivory ribbon and on each box instead of a bow was a fly, the “wedding fly”. I didn’t see Angela’s wedding dress so I had her pick out a color that matched her dress and I used the colors of blue hydrangea’s, the flowers we had at the wedding. The Wulff design was a tribute to my father who couldn’t be there on our special day, Wulff was his favoriate fly design. We stayed at my buddy Tim’s house while we were down for the wedding, and I had to spend a couple late nights/early morning tying flies to get them all tied in time.


Hook: Mustad 3399 #8

Tail: Silver Blue Doctor Teal Flank

Tag: Flat Silver Tinsel

Body: Light Ivory Floss

Rib: Oval Silver Tinsel

Wing: White Calf Tail tied in Wulff pattern

Hackle: Light blue and dark blue saddle hackle


Before I went back to work offshore this last time I finally thought of a way to show off the “wedding fly”, I think it looks pretty good in a shadow box. It is now proudly displayed in our family room. Like I said……. I have the best wife in the world.


IMG 3957a

IMG 3963a

IMG 4016a


2015 02 01 21 58 04a

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