Fly-Tying Setup

So I’ve finally sat down and started to set up my fly tying station. Haven’t had a regular place to tie flies in the past few years. I’m always searching Pintrest and Hatches looking at the intricate benches that people have set up. I have always been putting mine on hold. My wife bought me a new rod this past summer when we were in Corner Brook, and I went over to the little gully across from the cabin to test it out. I riffled through my tackle box for my fly wallet’s and realized…… I have no flies. I have been tying flies for almost 20 years and I don’t have a single fly. All the flies I have tied over the past couple years I have given away. So I broke down, cleared off my old computer desk (gutted out the storage room) and set up my tying station. A little rugged right now, still needs some gyproc and a door to keep all the dust from my workshop out, but its somewhere I can finally restock my wallets. I have a little table in there also for the girlies so they can colour or paint. I have looked at some portable stations online and I picked up the pine to make one so I can move my current creations from the hobby room (former computer room, its funny with a PC I always needed a huge desk for peripherals and doodads, but with the mac it seems all I need is a outlet for my charger every other day). I’ll post a pic once I get it completed. 


2014 09 24 09 54 35

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