So my oldest has started school. It seems crazy, I can’t believe how fast they are growing up. I was organizing my iPhoto library the other night and we were looking at pictures of when J was born and we were still living in Toronto, and that seems like a lifetime ago. Unfortunately I missed her first day going to school because I was offshore, but my wife took a lot of pictures. She started on a Thursday and I didn’t get home until Tuesday. Wednesday morning I took her to school and she introduced me to her teacher. I can’t even put into words the feeling of watching my little girl walking into the big school all by herself. She brought me to her locker where she changed into her inside sneakers and the she brought me to her class where she proceeded to hand her big book bag and show me around the room. Life has really changed since I was in Kindergarden, the classroom has a smart board, computers and apparently they will also have access to iPads (guess a iPad will have to go on my “wish” list). I’m glad to see that it is a small classroom, only about 15 kids. Every day she comes she tells me about her day, what new french words she learned and what games she played. She has told my wife that she is learning a lot and she will be smarter than daddy. Last week I stopped walking her to her locker and only stood by the main door, craning my head to see if she has gotten her sneakers on correctly and that she made it to her classroom. Two days ago I was able to drop her off at the door and watched her walk into the big building all by herself, watching her big backpack waddle on her back while she scampered up the stairs. It does not seem like so long ago that I heard those little feet scampering across the floor for the first time. I can still hear that sound in my mind and it makes me smile.

Memories like this is what makes life complete.

Every afternoon since I have been home I have stood outside her school door and picked her up, always with a running jump into my arms. Very Big Smiles.

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