Squirmy Wormey

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I remember being younger and heading out almost every night in the summer to look for nightcrawler worms (usually while camping out in the tent so we can go to the Lilly-Pond early in the morning), or the last minute dig through mom’s flower garden to get a couple worms to head in “troutin”. Then I got dad’s old hand me down Shakespere flyrod and started tying flys of my own, and my days of spinner and worm disappeared for my own “secret” creations. Flash forward twenty years and I’ve started using spinner and worm again for the deep water up at the cabin, and instead of gathering up the girlies late at night to do a worm-hunt with a butter tub and flashlight I’ve settled for the convenience of a $3.75 styrofoam tub of 10 red-wigglers and peat moss. They can be picked up at almost any gas station or convenience store, last almost forever if kept refrigerated, and allow you to keep rod in you car and head trout in whenever the urge hits you. I knew this gentleman who owned a worm farm and have helped out there on times moving a tandem-load of peat bucket by bucket into the back shed where it can be kept cool, or carrying out fish-totes full of worms to the work table where the worms can be sorted. Farming worms is quite a extensive process, you have to  grow the worms, feed the worms, keep the worms from temperature extremes, and keep them from crawling away.

And this brings me to the reason behind this post. I had the girlies out fishing quite a bit this last time at the cabin. Some days they wanted to fish from the rocks and others they wanted to head out in Daddies little boat, I would take them out one by one in the inflatable boat and row out a little from shore, they would always want to sit in the front so they could be Captain Hook and me, I’m always Mr Smee. Every time I took them out in the boat they would fish for a little and then when they’ve sat still as long as they could, they would always put down their rod and start sight-seeing. They would watch fish jump, look out for tic-tock croc and point out everything they see. Unfortunately one thing they constantly pointed out were these floating white styrofoam containers that littered the rocks and boat launch. 

We live in a society now where we all teach our children to reduce, reuse and recycle; and if you ask any child why we should recycle you will get a plethora of educated answers. We all collect our bottles at home for that coveted 5 cents and would not think of putting Saturdays newspaper in the garbage, so why would we leave our trash on a rock after we have finished trotting for the day. I can flash back to my days studying Marine Environmental Technology and start talking about the “tragedy of the commons”, but too many times we talk about how others create problems instead of what we can do to solve them, So let me suggest a solution, why don’t we return the used worm containers so they can be reused. Most of the worm farms are local, and the worm farmer usually brings the tubs of worms himself around to the convenience stores. Next to the Worm Farm’s logo is usually a telephone number, why not call and see if you can return the empty styrofoam tub to the place you bought them so they can be re-used. This will both help the farmer keep his prices lower and keep trash out of our ponds.


….just a thought.

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