Me going fishing…… Me going fishing

So I think the girlies are hooked on fishing already. We have been at Nanny and Poppies house and heading to the cabin later in the week. First when i took the fishing rods out of the looser cruser (ummmm…… I mean minivan). They were jumping around shouting that they were going fishing. Last night when i was putting the twins to bed they were almost asleep when they decided to have an arguement on who would catch the biggest fish. And then this morning we were bringing bed cloths out to the truck, i told them i was getting stuff ready to head to the cabin. And in a flash the girlies ran downstairs wih their jammies and shoes on looking for their rods shouting to my wife…. Me going fishing…. Me going fishing. I wonder how excited they will get when they actually get to the cabin and head down to the lake. Cant wait to see.

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