They grow up so fast…..

Cherish the time when they are young, because they grow up so fast………

I did not know what this really meant until I became a father. Growing up you always hear this sentiment, and it just became something you always heard… always agreeing with the person wholeheartedly and of course (like most unsolicited advice) not paying much attention to it at all. All the while I was in college I was always in a rush, there were always deadlines and assignments due, but there always seemed to be time to hang out with friends, hours to watch movies, and the necessary “study decompression” having drinks with the guys on University Ave. After college those deadlines mostly became self imposed deadlines, “I want to have this done by…..” or the occasional late night mucking my way up to MI International at 3:00 in the morning to make a call overseas. These were the days when there was still all the time in the world, when we would still lay back with a drink and think of all the things we will do in our spare time. When I started working at sea it always seemed that the time home would always fly by and the time at sea would always come to a standstill. The older guys who have been working at sea for a long time would always tell up “younger guys” to stop wishing half your lives away. Again advice I probably didn’t listen to to, but then in a blink of an eye four crazy years have passed. Then we had our first child, and in that instant I wanted every moment to last forever. But I realized very soon that these moments were passing too fast, they have their firsts…….. their seconds…….. and they get good at everything the set their minds to. Soon you realize they have passed small stages that are gone forever.  I now know what they meant when they said “they grow so fast….”, every day I spend with my girls I see huge changes in them.

I just came from a diaper party for my very good friend Tim who is having their first child in a couple weeks. And I am going to give you some unsolicited advice. Hold onto these last few weeks you and Layna have alone together, and get ready for the most fun, terrifying, stressful, happy, exciting time of your life. Get ready to hold onto every moment you have with little timbit because take it from me…… they grow up so fast.

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2 Responses to They grow up so fast…..

  1. Bernie-Ann says:

    You’ve expressed this sentiment beautifully B.F.
    Truer words were probably never spoken 🙂

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