Yes Virginia, there are fly’s at Christmas

Last year was the first Christmas I had off in 5 years, and it was absolutely the best feeling in the world to spend Christmas home with my Family. This year unfortunately I had to spend Christmas on the boat again, but now that Christmas day is drawing close to an end, I am starting to get excited that I can soon say “I will be home for Christmas this year”. And boy am I excited, Jillian will be three and the twins will be 1 1/2.

Unless you ever have to go through it, you can never truly understand what it feels like to be at sea during Christmas. Growing up Christmas was always the biggest thing, Mom says that I would start getting excited after my birthday which is at the end of November. I would change my mind a million times leading up to Christmas about what I wanted Santa to bring me, and Christmas eve I wouldn’t even remember what I asked for because I changed my mind a million times. But it really wouldnt matter, I just Loved everything about it, the lights, the decorations, the Sears Catalogue, the smell of the tree, THE COOKIES. Every year I had to watch the cartoon “standards” (even last night I watched The Grinch, Charlie Brown Christmas and Mickey’s Christmas Carol). I loved going around to everyones house on “the hill”, loved the first smell and taste of Purity Syrup (My God if you spell it Surip spell check has no idea what you’re talking about) and the ever-loved game of “snooping” for presents. I remember once Mom was trying to be sly and hid all the gifts over to Nan Morgan’s, but we were too smart for that, I remember Tracy stayed over to Nan’s for the night and when Nan was out called me on the phone with scissors and tape ready and started rhyming off the goodies to come (remember kiddos cut along the tape, dont rip it, then tape right over the seam, my big sis taught me that). So ya, easy to say I got excited about Christmas.

At sea at Christmas, there is only one thing on every mans mind……. home. Only those who have been at sea during Christmas will appreciate what it is like to be away for such a family oriented time. So Merry Christmas to all the Men and Women at sea and all the family’s who worry about them at home. There is no way anyone would be able to work out here is there wasent alot of love waiting for them at home.

Woops, this post has been open on my desktop since Christmas eve when I began to write it, well New Years day is as good a day as any to post.

So onboard we have a secret Santa and I had the Captain, so what do you get the Captain, luckily he fly-fishes so below are what I have been tying leading up to Christmas. A case full of fly’s, everyone’s favourite Christmas gift.



Since I’ve gotten back into fly-tying, all I have made are fly’s to give away, think in the upcoming year I’m going to try and tie more for myself, more intricate ones, get back into what I used to love so much. Who knows, 365 days of flies

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One Response to Yes Virginia, there are fly’s at Christmas

  1. Tracylynnpike says:

    I hope I taught you more than that! But that night snooping for gifts is fresh in my memory! I’m just reading the post now, two weeks late, happy new year, see you soon!

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