My Offshore Fly Tying Setup

Been looking through Fly Tying Forum looking at other peoples fly tying setup’s to get an idea how to set my the office, but until I have a permanent place for my fly tying here is my offshore tying setup in my cabin. Not too shabby until the weather gets bad and I have hooks flying all over my cabin floor


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2 Responses to My Offshore Fly Tying Setup

  1. Tim Willcott says:

    You might not want to go bare feet in case they do fall all over the cabin floor during a storm…. just sayin’.

    LOL. Loving your blog here Bill



    • billforward says:

      Hey Man, believe me, this is a occupational hazard, every time before I sign off the ship I spend an hour crawling around the floor trying to pick out feathers and hooks from the carpet. My cabin has a multitude of colors on the floor of discarded hackles and deer hair. And even with this crawling around my relief Corey still finds a scattered hook stick into his foot when I’m off. At last count a small map of Halifax on our cabin wall has 4 hooks in the bottom right hand corner and one finished fly…….. all of which he has found in his foot.

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